Students’ opinions and decisions are respected and valued. We are a learning community that aim to provide our students with as many options and opportunities as we can.

The students are the main focus

Research based on their interests and strengths

The students will be encouraged to pursue research and ideas based on their interests and strengths. Our Philosophy looks to create an environment where teachers and students educate, learn and evolve together rather than the one-way movement of information from teachers to students. We aim to create an environment and community that encourages our students to think bigger and aim higher. All of our students will be able to use electronic devices that will enable them to access and receive information anywhere, anytime; providing a 3D learning experience.

Failure is not the opposite of success. It is the reason for it.

Failure → Reflection → Next Challenge

Examinations only determine what is correct of incorrect. Projects will be used to move away from the black and white nature of exams and give students a platform to grow from. We do not want to encourage `safe thinking` where students aren’t forced to think outside the box and challenge themselves and their peers. We encourage our students to try new things and to fail in the name of achieving something great, as opposed to the `over-protected education` which takes away the `good failures` of the students.

Learning with three values

Education outside of the classroom

the Seto Inland Sea is a great resource

The location of the school provides a great opportunity for students to be able to study and learn from the environment around them. Students can deepen their understanding and learning through interactions with the mountains, oceans and the communities that surround the school.

Environments that enable various learning styles

Three types of classrooms that enable various learning styles

Classrooms are generally square, closed-plan spaces. Our classrooms will be the `living rooms` of the school; they are open environments where students can learn in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Students will have their own computers and access to projectors, whiteboards, posters and post-it notes; so that students can boast their innovation, creation and collaborations.

War, poverty, the environment, energy, food, aging populations and the effects of urbanization; there are numerous issues facing the world today. Concerning these issues, “we will set our tasks, and we will tackle them whilst collaborating with peers from across the world”. We will also tackle “issues seen on TV and in newspapers” and make them “our own problems”. These are the core values of `Global-Project Based Learning`.

We will be collaborating and working with Highschool students from both public and private schools; as well as foreign exchange students, local universities, local businesses and NPOs to look at, and promote the beauty and issues in Hiroshima around the world.