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校長の林 史(はやし ふみ)と申します。
それは、単なる学校づくりではなく、“Learning Community“の実現です。

合言葉は、“We are HiGA, a learning community”。



 「学び続け、変わり続けたい」という“Learning Community“の想いが、世界を変え、平和な社会を創る。

We are HiGA, a learning community. Let’s create together!

林 史

“We are HiGA, a learning community.”

A warm welcome from Fumi HAYASHI, principal of HiGA.
Thank you for visiting our homepage.

After spending 20 years as an English teacher, I joined the Learning Innovation Promotion Division as a founder member of the HiGA project. It has been a wonderful journey establishing this new school and I am very proud to lead us forward towards 2019. 

Our wish is to create a community of learners where everyone, teachers and students, are committed to not only gaining knowledge and new experiences but also understanding how we can live together in a challenging environment in peace and security.

We at HiGA are very committed to being an inclusive and diverse community, where everyone’s strengths are recognized and everyone’s voice has a place. We are firmly rooted in a Japanese environment, with a traditional approach to teaching and learning but also excited by the potential of new ideas and innovation, particularly in the area of experiential learning and inquiry led knowledge.

Everyone has their own story, everyone is excited by the challenge and everyone is committed to the success of leading young people through the formative years for their life.

Everyone’s voice is valuable in helping to transform society and in that way we live to the value of our ideals of a peaceful and sustainable future.

Our aims are high. However it all starts with one step at a time as all great journeys do. At the moment our teachers and leadership team are working very hard to create the perfect environment for young people to be a success. Central to all their work is the idea that each one can make a change that each one can have a positive impact on society in the future. This is a positive and progress message.
We are HiGA, a learning community. Let’s create together!